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Client Stories 2











Meet Charles

My name is Charles Lee. I was born in Korea and I am proud of my heritage. But I also identify as American, having grown up here. I was 12 years old when I was came to the U.S. to study at a boarding school in Ojai Valley, California.  

At school, I was always drawn to the arts. I love to draw and animate, and after college, I found work in gaming design. Here is a link to my website. Now I manage a team at Blizzard, where we create environments for video games like World of Warcraft. I also helped start a small design school in Orange County called Kazone Art School where I currently teach.  

Now you might be wondering how I met my beautiful wife, Nari. She is also Korean and I met her at our church. Two years ago, we welcomed our beautiful daughter, Charris into the world. She is our pride and joy. 

For me and my family, there is no other place to live but America - it’s home. 


Meet Jovilyn

Hello, my name is Jovilyn. I live in downtown Los Angeles, a long way from where I was born, which is in Mindanao, Philippines. Before I settled here in America, you can say I was already a seasoned traveler. I had always known there were better opportunities out there in the world—and I wasn’t afraid to take them.  
I may have been luckier than most. While working in the UAE and then Jordan for $200 a month, I had felt I wasn't reaching my full potential. Moving to Dubai was a little better, but my goal was always to find something better.

So my journey began when I worked in the Middle East as a domestic helper. While there, I could say that I really grew up.  The stories of hardships in a foreign land that people like me had to endure are all true, although by stroke of luck and hard work, I reached the U.S. where I am now a full-time MBA student. And as part of my internship I work in a jewelry shop downtown. My internship is great, and I have made friends there. For now, I am happy and fulfilled where I am.  I also enjoy experimenting with new nail polish designs and making jewellery. One day, maybe I can make my dream come true—I have always wanted to open my own beauty parlor and create a jewelry line for women.  I am very excited to see how things will unfold—there are so many opportunities here in America, and anything is possible—and I have found that it’s best to simply enjoy the journey and see where it takes me.  

Meet Simone & Tomassino

Hi, my name is Simone. I live in Palm Springs with my miniature black poodle Tomassino. When I’m not working as a videographer, DJ, designer, film festival programmer and website designer (I’m the creative type), you might see me out and about with Tomassino, or taking a drive in the desert.  

What I love about living here is I am able to create a life where I have freedom to pursue my own version of the American Dream. For me, this means working in a place where I can see and feel my impact, surrounded by a supportive and loving community.

Living here in America was a big change for me, and there are challenges and difficulties in the transition, but I am happy to say that I have found a greater balance in my life. 


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