Meet Ella

Back home, I worked for an airline for over 15 years. When I moved to the US, I continued working in the travel industry for a few years. And now, I'm in a completely different field, working in the import-export business. 

I moved to the US to start a new life, taking with me my two kids to be closer to my parents who were already living here. I am blessed, now that I am slowly achieving the dreams I have for myself and for my girls. It is my goal to see them happy and successful. My eldest wants to be a doctor and my little one wants to become a pharmacist, although I prefer her to become a lawyer. As a mother I will do what I can to support them and help make their dreams a living reality.  I probably would have a harder time raising my kids as well as I do now, if I were back home. I am overwhelmed with gratefulness and happiness that I brought them into an environment where they fit in, and even excel. 

As an immigrant, I consider myself a work in progress. It is a continuing challenge to move up and get the right breaks. But it is something that patience, hard work, perseverance and a lot of prayers can overcome. It is a tough mountain to climb, but nevertheless not impossible.

I left behind a very good job to be here with my family. Aside from a few relatives and close friends, I have nothing to go back to, but I have everything to look forward to. America has become my new home. Everyone that matters is here. I am blessed to start a new life in a place where you can go confidently in the direction of your dreams.