Meet Rita Garcia and family

My name is Rita. My family and I are from General Santos in the Philippines. We came to America for the opportunities—not only for us, but more for our daughters, Camille (17), Katrina (14), and Chloe (10). Like all parents, we want to give them the opportunities we didn’t have, and we know that they will be able to make their dreams come true here in America.

My daughters are really loving America.

Camille is a high school senior and works part time in retail fashion. She would like to be a fashion designer one day. Apart from that, like a true Filipina, she enjoys singing and she regularly posts her renditions of pop songs on youtube, where she enjoys a huge following. 

Katrina, is a high school freshman and is a multiple varsity athlete, particularly volleyball. She is Top 5 at her school and would like to pursue a science degree in college. Katrina plays the guitar.

Chloe is in fifth grade, and is a budding filmmaker who enjoys editing videos. She also loves reading Japanese manga comics and watching anime.

We moved to the U.S. only three years ago and we now live in Central Los Angeles where there are many other Filipino families. We often still miss home and the rest of our friends and family back in the Philippines. But we are happy and satisfied with the life we have made here and we are excited to see what the future will bring.