Greetings from the city of Los Angeles - home to over 4 million people, 35% of whom are immigrants. Everyday I am privileged to meet people from different parts of the world living their American adventure. It is interesting to see what inspires them to leave their homes and their communities, to start a new life in a new place. They all have their stories to tell. And their optimism and courage is contagious.

Carmen and Logan

The immigrant spirit inspires my work and my life. And I am grateful to be given a chance to make a little difference in the lives of immigrant friends and their families. Through this blog, I hope to share stories that matter to immigrants. I hope together we learn to see more clearly our connections with one another. After all, we do not just share a city or a country or a planet, we are in fact bound by the same human aspirations.  

I, too, am an immigrant, straddling between an old home and a new one. Despite the years that have passed, I still feel vulnerable in that never-ending “in-between” state of starting over and becoming. And I, too, am optimistic of great things ahead. So I hope this blog is a place for all of us to give each one some measure of support, and be a gentle reminder that we have one another and are never alone.

Wishing everyone a meaningful journey and a great future!