I woke up before the sun today. My moringa trees needed pruning while the weather was still warm. I spotted some tiny apples for Logan - he will like them with his breakfast. These will be the last ones until next year.

Carmen Villamor Morning Reflections

What a blessing these early mornings are. I often feel most alive when I am alone, able to process what’s going on in the world and in my life. Yesterday I received an unfavorable result for a client. I am thinking of his wife and four sons. They may have to go back home to the Philippines or continue to live here without legal status. Is there anything I could have done differently? I am in despair thinking about it.

So I turned to T.S. Elliot:

    Teach us to care and not to care.

    Teach us to sit still.

My garden helps me to do this. The plants and creatures here are good company. They are patient. They know how to wait, to be still. Too busy surviving, they do not despair. I found a rock, sat it out, let the moment pass. I couldn’t quite let it go yet, until I remembered I had moringas to prune. That chore could not wait.