It starts with your journey

Every step you make is moment to celebrate. We are all immigrants travelling to a place we can call home. 

Your adventure is the same as ours. So look to the sun, and move with the wind. Your journey of a lifetime is about to begin.

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Your support goes a long way

By choosing to work with Carmen Villamor, you are helping us provide tender loving care to children in SOS Children's Villages in the Philippines in the following areas:

  • Family-based care
  • Food, shelter, and health care
  • Family-strengthening program
  • Educational support
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We're on a mission

They say that it takes an entire village to raise a child and we couldn't agree more. Together with our partners at SOS Children’s Villages, Carmen Villamor fights for the rights of children by helping them belong to a family that will love and take care of them. 

SOS Children's Villages help transform the the lives of children in need and by providing warm homes and loving families for orphaned, abandoned and neglected children and children in extreme difficult circumstances.  

In every SOS Children’s Village, children live in a home with brothers and sisters, as well as mothers who give individual attention to each child until they become an independent adult. 

To learn more about SOS Children's Villages, please visit their website.  



Give the gift of love

Every time you choose to work with Carmen Villamor, you help give the gift of love to children who have no families to take care of them and to kids whose journeys are just beginning. 

A dedicated amount from our profits support the folks at SOS Children's Villages so they can provide homes and families to children who need them the most.  

SOS Children's Villages is a global organization that provides unconditional love and support. 


A partnership for keeps

Sharing the same mission is good, and sharing the same action is even greater. SOS Children's Villages and Carmen Villamor have partnered together for the long term to provide support to Filipino kids in Cebu City, Philippines. 

If you would like to know more about SOS Children's Villages you may visit their website directly. If you want to provide assistance through our office please contact us.

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