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Part of the same journey

At Carmen Villamor we've always believed that we are all immigrants in the same journey. It's that bond that we share with our partners and clients who want to move to the US, and its the same fabric that binds us with the people over at SOS Children's Villages. 

We feel truly blessed to work alongside such a wonderful organization. SOS Children's Villages works in 134 countries where they provide villages with loving homes and families orphaned and abandoned children. 


Moments make memories 

Last Aug. 28, 2014, we were welcomed by SOS Children's Villages in Cebu, Philippines. It was raining hard that day yet everyone greeted us with smiles as bright as the sun. 

After the introductions by Ms. Delia Saberon and Village Director Mario Baang, we were treated to one magical performance after the other, as kids and teens poured their hearts out leaving us breathless and wanting more. It was an enchanting experience, and one that we will treasure forever. 

The next day, we had the honour of sitting down with the National Director of SOS Children's Villages in the Philippines, Dir. Bien Delgado, for the signing of our agreement. After learning more of what SOS was doing, we felt even more inspired to bring this relationship to greater nights. 

                                                                                                                                 SOS Group picture

                                                                                                                                 SOS Group picture

SOS Children's Villages, Talamban, Cebu 

The fourth SOS Children's Villages In the Philippines opened in Cebu in 1982. Located in the district of Talamban, it is where the hopes and dreams in the country's second largest city come to life. 

SOS Children's Village Cebu consists of twelve family houses, a community centre and a library. The smaller children are looked after at the SOS Kindergarten, which has six group rooms and is also open to children from the neighbourhood. An SOS Youth Facility, opened in 1990, is where the older boys from SOS Children's Villages normally move to when they start a vocational training course or go on for higher education. 

                                        Director Mario Victor 'Dong' Baang

                                        Director Mario Victor 'Dong' Baang

A bridge of hope  

We believe that the most important thing for orphaned and abandoned children at a time when they are most vulnerable, is to have a loving family to belong to and a place they can call home. 

Similar to the support we provide for the immigrant families we work with in the US, SOS Children's Villages in the Philippines, acts as a bridge between children and their dreams. SOS prepares them for their future, just like any loving parent would, so that they can lead normal lives and chart their own futures with confidence.

Having this solution for children is a very powerful thing, and it's something that we are very honored to be a part of. 

If you want to help make a difference in the lives of children in SOS Children's Villages in Cebu, you may reach us here and you may also reach SOS Children's Villages here